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We strongly believe responsible tourism has the capacity to protect a natural wildlife area, alleviate poverty through proper working conditions and contribute positively to the local community

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Karen Blixen Camp is committed to responsible tourism. We conduct our business in a manner that benefits the environment, the people working at the camp and the neighboring community.

Karen Blixen Camp is committed to minimize our impact on the fragile environment and use the latest green technologies. Solar panels provide all power used at camp, solar heats up water for outdoor showers and a sewage system handles all wastewater produced.

We observe the Working Law of Kenya 2007 and have endorsed the International Labor Organization’s (ILO) declaration on rights to work. All our 120 staff members are employed on permanent contracts to ensure job security, and social and medical benefits. We support the local Masai community following the principle of trade, not aid. Distribution of revenue covers; lease payment for Mara North Conservancy, bed night fee for leasing our privately owned concession area and purchase of local goods.

Karen Blixen Camp is a founding member camp of the Mara North Conservancy and protects 30,000 Ha of the beautiful Masai Mara Ecosystem.

Karen Blixen Hospitality School opened in early Jan 2012. Our Cooking School offers professional and affordable education for the Maasai youth who will learn the principles of the classical and modern cuisine. The Forestry School opens in Aug 2012 providing vocational training for youth focusing on growing indigenous trees for the restoration of the Masai Mara. IT and language courses are offered to all our staff and local community. Our hope is to create jobs, skills and better conservation.

Karen Blixen Camp has fundraised 2 million USD for the benefit of the Maasai community and conservation of the wildlife area. Danida has donated 1 million USD for the Karen Blixen Hospitality School and the Obel Family Fund has kindly given 1 million USD to the Bright Green Project which is run by Mara North Conservancy. We are very grateful for your incredible support.

 We observe following code of conduct:

• Protect the Mara North Conservancy with 32,000 of pristine wilderness area
• Make use of the latest green technologies and minimize our impact on the environment
• Promote environmental responsibility and find sustainable solutions on energy consumption
• Fundraise for the betterment of the local Maasai community
• Promote tertiary education for the Maasai youth, young men and women alike
• Promote literacy and make available computers and internet technologies
• Ensure full and decent employment for all staff employed
• Assure proper working conditions and respect workers’ rights to join an association
• Promote gender equality and equity amongst staff employed
• Embark HIV/AIDS awareness for all staff employed


Karen Blixen Camp supports the Principles of the UN Global Compact and the UN Millennium Development Goals 2015. We are obliged to submit an annual Communication on Progress to the UN Global Compact and the IFU, Investment Fund for developing countries that monitor our CSR practices and strategies. Karen Blixen Camp is member of Eco Tourism Kenya.


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