CSR for Karen Blixen camp, Mara North, Masai Mara

Karen Blixen Camp is committed to uplifting the living standards of the host Masai community through establishment various CSR projects.

The Hospitality School, established by Karen Blixen Camp to equip local Masai Youths with various skills, continues to be a key training outlet for local Masai Youth who at the end of training join the mainstream tourism jobs through competitive recruitment.

The trainees at the Cooking School will at the end of the course become chefs. The Forestry school trains masai youths and equips them with skills to understand the importance of environmental protection, and Language school primarily trains the local Masai youths and enable them to communicate with international visitors objectively enabling them to be competitive in the market and eventually benefit directly from tourism through employment in the tourism establishments within Mara and to some extend other parts of the country

Karen Blixen Camp organizes donation of material and financial support to community projects under, water and sanitation, Health, Education and small scale enterprises either directly or indirectly through our Camp guests. Our guests have given material and financial support to local health clinic, primary schools and visited the community villages where they pay entry as well as purchasing local artifacts from the Maasai women


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