Cooking School

Our dream is to nurture a love and passion for professional cooking; making our young chefs amongst the very best in Africa!

Karen Blixen Cooking School is a 1½ year program recognized by the Kenyan Government and the local tourism sector. Our ambition is to give students a comprehensive and practical hands-on understanding; balancing between the classical and modern cuisine. We opened our doors for the first intake of students in early Jan 2012.Karen Blixen Camp Cooking School

Our students spend their first term getting familiar with the fundamental cooking skills. Hereafter they will work as interns at camps or lodges in the area. Back at the school, students will learn about creative and innovative cookery, completing their and final third term.

Principal techniques taught are

• Classic cooking methods with preparation of meat, fish and vegetables
• Making of traditional stocks, sauces and soups
• Bakery and pastry with wholesome breads, sweet buns, cakes and puddings
• Creative food presentation with usage of fresh herbs and edible flowers
• Menu-planning and food costing
• Storage, freezing, nutrition, hygiene, sanitation and safety
• IT, English and math

Visit our Cooking School

Dish prepared by students at Karen Blixen Camp Cooking SchoolGuests are welcome to visit our students and learn about their daily life at the Cooking School.

Ready, Steady, Cook! – Together with our students

Get behind the stoves, swing pots and pans and learn how to cook together with our Maasai students. Guests are invited to experience life at our Cooking School. Team up with our students, follow the daily training session, compete against other guests and prepare the most delicious meal. Our Chef Frederik Olesen will taste and evaluate your work, but after grades are given and a winner is announced; you and the students are welcome to tug into your work. Please notice additional cost with funds forwarded to our school.

The volunteer program

Are you are a trained chef who would like to live in the beautiful Maasai Mara? Karen Blixen Hospitality School has a volunteer chefs’ program Under the Same Sky. We invite professional chefs to come and train our students; sharing their knowledge and experiences. In return you get valuable insight in the lives of a people living in the midst of the African savannah with roaring lions and elegant giraffes outside their doorstep.

 Join us for the long-term impact

Sponsor the school fees for a young Maasai for a chosen period. Your donation will cover cost as teachers’ salaries, food and accommodation for students; learning equipment as food products, books and kitchen tools as well as resources as laptops and internet connection. Please contact Karen Blixen Camp at info@karenblixencamp.com to learn more.


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