Hospitality School

We believe education is a strategic social investment that effectively contributes to the betterment of the local communities as well as the private sector

Karen Blixen Hospitality School has the ambition to offer affordable further education for youth living in the vicinity of the camp. Our Cooking School opened in January 2012 and will give students a comprehensive and practical hands-on understanding; balancing between the classical and modern cuisine. The Forestry School will open in August 2012 and provide vocational training for youth focusing on growing indigenous trees for the restoration of the Masai Mara. We also offer IT and language classes for our staff and local community.

Karen Blixen Hospitality School offers following programs

• Cooking School
• IT and language courses
• Forestry School

Karen Blixen Camp is committed to responsible tourism. We strongly believe tourism can contribute positively to the local community. Our long term objective is to reduce unemployment, poverty and gender disparity amongst the local community. We believe the direct benefit for us and other camps is access to an international skilled local workforce that gives an outstanding service; competitive with the best restaurants and hotels in the world. This is why we have established the Karen Blixen Hospitality School.

Education as strategic social investment

Masai Mara is the most famous safari destination in the world and attracts the attention of thousands of visitors who come to see the great wildebeest migration. Tourism represents the prime foreign exchange earner in Kenya and it is crucial that the people working in the tourism industry are highly competent and experienced.

For the majority of the young Maasai a full course of secondary or tertiary education is not an obtainable goal as school fees and the cost of living in the big cities are simply too high. The poorest part of the Maasai communities is in fact the youth as they do not own land or cattle. These young people will have to make a living as their parents did; herding the livestock or find themselves in constant unemployment, contributing to the cycles of poverty.

Karen Blixen Hospitality School is a community educational project funded by Karen Blixen Camp and Danida. We are very grateful for the recognition and will make every effort possible to honor Danida and the Danish Government.


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