IT and Languages

We are committed to raise the bar and make available the benefits of new technologies by offering IT and language education for our staff and local Maasai community

Kenya is highly depended on a skilled and trained workforce that is literate and can use IT and internet. Unfortunately, this is not an option for people living in the Mara North, since there is no access to such facilities. Karen Blixen Hospitality School is offering IT and language education, not only for our students and staff, but also for the Maasai children, youth and wa-zees (elders), boys and girls, men and women, alike.

IT education

Kenneth Mathiu is our young and committed IT teacher. Kenneth offers IT courses on beginners, intermediate and advances levels for our staff as well as the local Maasai community. Our target for 2015 is to offer IT education for all our staff and make sure that at least 20 percent of the Maasai children and youth, girls and boys have received IT education.

Foreign languages

Benedict Walubengo is our foreign languages teacher. Benedict teaches German for our safari guides, enabling them to enhance their qualifications and in future offer professional wildlife guiding in German. For those wishing to become literate in English, Benedict organizes classes which suit their level and speed. Our staff has received Benedict really well and is keen to follow his education. Some are now able to read and write English comfortably due to his assistance. We are very proud of his work.

 Raise the bar and teach a class

Would you like to support our project and teach our staff and community? Get into class and start the lesson! You don’t necessarily have to be a teacher by trade, but can easily assist Benedict and Kenneth in various ways.

Our goal is for all our staff to be able to understand, read and write English. Join a class and teach our staff English. We go through greetings, ask how you are and where we are coming from. We can also just talk about our everyday life. Guest teachers can also talk about customs and cultures in their home countries; ask about life in the Mara or a discus a completely third topic.

If you speak German fluently, please join our German classes. Practice greetings and basic communication skills for the staff at beginners’ level. For the more advanced classes, we would like you to share your knowledge on Germany’ history, culture and politics.

Guests familiar teaching IT are invited to join our classes. You help learners how to competent operate a computer, use Word and Excel programs and navigate the internet using emails, google search, Facebook and reading news.

 Virtual friendship

The majority of the primary schools in the Masai Mara are lacking resources such as computers, internet connection and IT teachers. Leaving the Maasai children and youth behind without providing them with the necessary IT skills is seriously compromising their capability to obtain further education as well as seeking jobs on the highly competitive Kenyan job market.

We wish to offer IT education for the school children of the Mararienda Primary School. Our vision for the future is to allow intercultural cyber friendships between the Maasai children and children from around the world using the concept; different homes different lives. When the Maasai children are provided with access to computers and internet, they not only learn how to manage a new communication tool, but are also able to teach children living under the same sky about the life’s of the Maasai and the beauty of the wildlife area they inhabit. We hope to start the virtual friendships during 2013.


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