Bird watching is an important and interesting element of every game drive and with over 550 bird species in the Masai Mara, endemics to East Africa, watching birds’ behavior is really an adventure on its own

Take time to enjoy the birdlife of the Masai Mara. Birds are an important part of the Masai Mara Ecosystem. You can expect to see many different species from the larger cranes and bustards to the colorful rollers and bee-eaters.

One can also enjoy the rich bird life around the camp. The shady trees and shrubbery in the garden provide a lovely avian habitat that attracts birds all year round. The birds around the camp are used to people and this makes viewing them at close range easier than out in the field.

The combination of the riverine habitat which attracts water birds like hamerkops, herons, geese and sandpipers and the shady garden which is a haven for purple grenadiers, weavers, starlings, mousebirds, white-browed robin-chats, sooty chats and scarlet-chested sunbirds makes Karen Blixen Camp the ideal place to enjoy the wonder of Kenyan ornithology.


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