Game walks

Game walks are serious matters as you will be walking right in middle of the big game land. Stand close to the mighty termite hills. Try and get a close to the abundance of plain games inhabiting the savannah, watching you with timid curiosity as you slowly approach them

Game walking is an amazing experience. It gives you an intense feeling of the greatness and the astonishing Masai Mara Ecosystem. Walk almost quietly through the diverse arrays of grasses and enjoy the fresh smell of the plains and the prickly heat of the sun.

Bush experience

We will track and try to come close to the plain game as giraffes, wildebeests, zebras, topis, Grant’s gazelles, Thompson’s gazelles, yellow baboons and Kirks dikdik. Learning about these fascinating animals and to understand the very unique behavioral and anatomical adaptations helps fit them into their role in the Mara ecology. For security reasons we avoid any contact with the big five as the elephants, buffalos or any of the big cat predators.

Game walks are arranged at the plains of the Masai Mara North Conservancy or at Oloisuk, our own exclusive concession area; to get there one need to cross the Mara River in a small boat.

All game walks are accompanied with an experienced Maasai ranger (armed) and guides and arranged according to your endurance. 


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